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Our plan is to be patient with the southeast of the country by relying on the Lord's omnipotence, through the work of faith and conscience, and the efforts of a group of employees as the highest center of trauma and disaster in delivering quality services.
Choose the best hospital for the highest standards of care
- Being the best patient safety hospital.
The values ​​of the educational, medical and research center of Khatam-al-Anbia, Zahedan
     Acquiring Creator Satisfaction with:
    Realization of safety of patients and employees
Respect and respect for the rights of patients, fellows, learners, professors and employees
Compliance with professional ethics
Satisfaction of patients, fellows, learners, professors and employees
Innovation and Innovation
Innovation and Innovation
Environmental Protection





 Mission of the Khatam-al-Anbia Medical and Research Center of Zahedan as a center for medical accidents and medical emergencies, providing diagnostic services, care, treatment to patients and providing educational, medical and research services to medical students. The most desirable services at the level of national and international standards to the clients. It offers the following goals:
- Promote continuous improvement of the quality of services based on professional ethics within the framework of the goals of clinical governance.
- Provide health care to patients with the highest standards
-Development of safety culture
-Increase the level of satisfaction (Patients, fellows and employees)


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