Deputy Educational Hospital: Dr. Hassan Enayati

Degree: Anesthesiologist

Employment Type: Full-time


Training groups:

Anesthesiology Department
Surgical Department
Emergency Medicine Department
Department of Ear, Nose and Throat
Skin Department


The educational and research deputy of Khatam al-Anbia Hospital is one of the main pillars of this center in order to promote the level of knowledge of the medical community in accordance with the Zahedan University of Medical Sciences
This field aims at educating physicians and community-based specialists based on educational and research standards and standards, and is working on monitoring educational and research groups with the goal of improving the quantitative and qualitative education



    Planning to improve the quality of hospital education
    Provide the necessary fields for the educational-research cooperation of faculty members, students and medical personnel interested in educational and research areas.
    Planning and monitoring of spaces under construction in hospitals to increase hospital education
    Planning regular weekly conferences focusing on clinical topics for students
    Planning a weekly conference focusing on patients' epidemics
    Continuous monitoring of factors affecting educational quality and planning in order to improve educational quality
    Planning to Improve the Empowerment of Hospital Educational Professors in the Field of Clinical Education
    Supervising the implementation of educational programs and regulations in clinical and clinic departments and facilitating educational activities
    Communicating directly with educators and learners and trying to resolve their educational problems
    Efforts to improve the faculty's facilities
    Efforts to improve and improve the student's welfare facilities
    Monitor student-related programs, such as holding training classes, safety status, introductions into sections
    Conducting and supervising the unit's development of clinical education
    Establishment of hospital teaching committees with the management of faculty members
    Supervise the management of hospital training committees supervised by faculty members of clinical departments
    Planning to improve the quality of existing educational spaces and increase the educational spaces of the hospital
    Supervise the implementation of medical ethics by students

Education & Research

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