Guide to Admission


Admission guidelines for admitted patients

Acceptance Procedure for Hospitalized Patients:

  A. Reception stages for patients who receive admission orders through a hospital clinic or clinic:

The referral of the patient or accompanying him to the admission unit for filing a case with a hospital admission
Entering the patient's profile and information required in the admission program, obtaining consent from the patient or accompanying him, and filing
Referring to the Fund for the acceptance of funds to deposit the amount of money admitted
Referral of the patient to the relevant department with the case
Determine the patient's room and bed, and receive bags and hygiene in the hospital

B: Acceptance steps for hospital admission to the Emergency Hospital:

Get an admission appointment from an emergency doctor
Refer to the emergency admission for completing the patient's or accompanying patient's consent application
Conduct the patient to the emergency department for temporary admission in an emergency and, if necessary, transfer to the relevant department and continue treatment
The means of transferring the patient to emergency rooms are provided. (Wheelchairs - wheelchairs)

Required Documents When Accepting Patient:

 -  Reception by doctor

 -  Having a valid identification document to complete the patient's identity information in the application and file form (ID card, national card, insurance booklet). It is imperative to keep the national code for Iranian patients.

- It is required to have a passport for foreign nationals.




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