Patients Bill of Rights

Patients Bill of Rights

Patients' Bill of Rights:

 The Patient has the right to receive in time, considerate, respectful and appropriate and effective treatment regardless of his/her race, culture, religion.

The Patient has the right to know the name of those providing care (nurses, and all health care team members).

The patient and his/her family have the right to know his/her diagnosis, treatment, and possible prognosis, so that in a medical emergency that should not lead to delay in treatment or life-threatening patient.

The Patient has the right to be informed and participate in treatment decisions, know the benefits, side effects, and possible complications of treatment, before decision.

All the patient’s medical records are confidential.

The Patient has the right to be in touch with his/her physician and medical team during the treatment, and after discharge.

The Patient has the choice to exclude person of the medical team.

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